Thursday, July 20, 2017

Rhydian Blake: Oddly Captivating

(Rhydian has been MIA/AWL a lot from Blogland. Anti Magic story line. His death. Rebirth. This is a snipped of where he is in his life right now)

I forgot that clouds moved” I said to himself almost day-dreamily. Almost a whisper really. But, unfortunately, not enough of a whisper to hide it from the ears of the other person in the room and to protect me from sheer embarrassment.

...You what?” Toby pulled his eyes of the TV screen, which he had been playing a game on. From what I could tell, he was doing quite well. He raised his eyebrow at me and I let out a faint sigh.

“I didn't actually mean to say that out loud, not gonna lie” I grinned slightly. We were in my room, in my home, despite the current weather. It was a typical beautiful summers day in England, the sky was almost clear, albeit from the few clouds in which caused me to make my, lets be honest, rather dim witted comment. But in all fairness, he's pulling that cute face he always does when I do something like this – so I'm not complaining.
The window was open, letting in a gentle cool breeze, both me and Toby were lay in my bed, being prompted up by the pile up of pillows and Toby was half lay on me.
We were in a funny little cuddle position. Our legs were in a tangled mess, intertwined with one another, his head resting on the right side of my chest and sort of on my right shoulder too, my arms wrapped around him softly as he was playing his game which I've forgotten the name of already. I should pay attention more. I swear I'm not a bad boyfriend.

I had turned my head to look out of the window, I started to daydream as I usually do with lucid abandon and apparent lost all logical thought and things that made sense in the world, I watched the clouds and they moved in the wind as they always have because that is how nature works after all. Well obviously, clouds did that. It's not rocket science. But in my defense, I am kinda drowsy and I don't often let my self relax like this and admire the beautiful scenes of the world above our own. A terrible excuse, but at least I had one.

You're silly,” I saw the hints of a smile “but it's adorable – most of the time – so I can deal with it”

I instinctively go to kiss him, nothing too romantic or dramatically passionate I want to clarify, just a simple peck on the lips. Now, he was smiling. I couldn't help it either, I smiled too. Apparently my facial muscles are just as weak willed as I am. Oh God, I've become that cringey guy now, haven't I?

He got back into his previous position and the Pause menu vanished from existence and the reality in which was the game, resumed its rightful place, the action was in motion again, characters came back from an unknowable limbo and the sounds that played were no longer held back by the muting Pause menu. Truly, a wonderful thing to witness to the everyday gamer. Such as Toby. And I killed that joke. Ah well, I began to play with his blonde hair and resumed holding him as I did before. I find Toby, oddly captivating I must say.

Hold up now...Elaborate when you you say, “most of the time”? What's that supposed to mean, eh?” I raise my eyebrows with mock skepticism.

Nothing” Toby Kyle said, I could hear the grin in his voice. He turned his head again and I looked him dead in the eye – those pretty blue eyes – and continued to say,

Hmmm sure” that would usually be a cue to be really cringey and probably play fight or something but it's a hot day so neither of us bothered. My phone buzzed on my bedside table so I reached over best I could without disturbing the Not-So-Mrs on his precious Xbox. Once successful, I saw that the time was a little before half one. The message was from someone I hadn't heard from a very long time – Harrowby.

Harrowby, or Harrow or even occasionally Harry as everyone called him, was a friend from high school. He was close to me and my best friend, Corvo Lavender back in the day. He even helped introduce us to magic. I'd bumped into him now and then since school but that was before...everything happened. As of late, I've not had a reason to speak to him. I didn't want to, if I'm being perfectly honest. I probably shouldn't, and I don't particularly want to if I'm being entirely honest, but...I blame him. A lot happened to me and it was all down to him. The domino affect. He set the most chaotic years of my life into motion. I wish I didn't hold some kind of...resentment, towards him because at the end of the day he is an okay guy and a friend. But it is what it is. I'm just handling it in my own time and I will get over it I'm sure.

What is it?” Toby questioned, “Or who was it?”

I wish he didn't decide to start the dialogue of this scene back up again. At least not on this topic. This is the perfect day, the weather is great, I'm relaxed for once and I'm here with him. The perfect guy.

Just a blast from the past. Don't worry about,” I attempted a smile “Get back on with you're game handsome”

Compliments eh? Something must be up, you're being nice” he paused the game and rolled on top of me and gave a look between mild concern and...I don't know what else if I'm being honest.

Aren't I always nice?” I think I can steer this conversation away from Harrowby.

What's up?” Or not.

The sky” Deflect, deflect!

Tell me Blake” Abort mission, abort, abort.

Nope” I smiled and kissed him “ more talking” and I kissed him again.

You do realize that, Harrowby – whoever that is – is now trying to call you”

I sighed as I looked over at my phone. It was buzzing. The name Harrowby lit up the screen along with a blank photo as I didn't wanna see his face everytime I looked through my contacts. I gently shoved my phone off my bed and it hit the floor.

He's an old friend. Stuff went down – drama and death and mystery – now I'm done with that segment of my life” now he looked worried,

If it's something, like, super duper serious, you'd tell me right? Or at least when you're ready to?” I nodded and a faint yeah escaped my lips and he replied with,

Good” and then we commenced to have a make out session.


I rolled out of bed later in the day. Well, it was evening now. I pulled my hoodie and shorts on, picked up my phone and put it into my pocket. Before I left my room I placed with duvet which I had just escaped of, onto Toby as he lay fast asleep. I grabbed my half full glass of water and head downstairs to get a fresh one.

I nearly lost my footing and would have fallen down the stairs, thank the Lord for that random act of grace which we all know I do not naturally possess in order to dodge such an ordeal. Once I made my way into the kitchen, Corvo was sat on one of the spinny bar stools next to the kitchen work top with a brew in hand – very Corvo.

Hey” I said relatively quietly “How was the trip?”

She took another sip of her drink, “It was good. Needed the get away” I think it was a cup of tea.

Good good” I turned the tap and let my glass fill with water

How's Toby-Wan-Kanobi?” her eyebrows bounced slightly.

He's good...How long have you been back by the way…?”

Take a gues-”

Guess who phoned me earlier?” I interrupted

Harrow” she grinned and sipped her tea – maybe it was coffee actually.

Someone a psychic now?” I mocked

I spoke to him a few days ago, briefly earlier too” she knows that I'm having a weird and possibly difficult time when it comes to anything Harrowby, but she knows I'm cool with her talking to him. “He said he'd probably try to get back in touch with you”

Ah...” I drank my water to fill the silence that lasted for eleven seconds.

You still blame him?”

I died because of him. Twice. And I met the Horseman due to him, I met Lena and then I lost her and...It's not all directly his fault, I know that. He set it in motion though, when he got me to summon the Headless Horseman and make a deal with him. My life hasn't exactly been easy since then”

I know” it was definitely tea Corvo was drinking, I could smell it.

He's reckless. He does stuff like that all the time. You should know. If it was a one off, maybe it wouldn't matter as much...But that's not the case” I'm ranting, I can tell. I continued anyway,

I like to own my actions. Errors, pros and cons, the good, the bad and the ugly – It's mine. So I don't know why I'm giving him the credit over my recent deathly encounter” I still felt cold sometimes. I won't lie about that. I heard footsteps from upstairs. Toby.

It's okay Rhyds, you'll manage. One day at a time remember? No one said the transition from human sorcerer to Familiar would be easy” I nodded slowly. I don't know how I feel about being a Familiar yet. I'm still adjusting and learning. But I guess it beats being dead.

Hey guys” Toby's slightly timid voice says as he walks into the kitchen with us. He's just wearing pyjama bottoms and nothing else. He looked beautiful. A glorious tired mess. Slight guilt washed over me, as my ranting probably woke him up.

Corvo smiled “You guys go back to bed. Sorry to wake you Toby-Wan” she got off the stool and picked up her mug. She sent a smile my way and then walked past Toby, gave him a quick peck on the cheek and left. I could hear her footsteps going up the stairs as Toby said,
You okay? Woke up and you were gone. And you were ranting again, I could hear you from upstairs sort of” He walked up to me and wrapped his arms around me and it felt nice

I'm okay, don't worry. Just word vomiting to Corvs. Force of habit” we stayed like that for a bit and we finally separated. “Let's get you back to bed, you look tired as hell” He smiled weakly at me and turned to make his way up. I looked out at the world at night. It was oddly captivating. 

(If there's anything you didn't get or follow feel free to ask, or maybe I'll write a follow up? Idk depends what you dudes want :P tbh I just wanted to see for myself where Rhydian is now and for it to not be dark like I usually do. He's got a pretty decent set up as far as I can tell atm (also, he and Corvo moved outta the mansion thingy) so I'll probs write something else. Like more about what Rhy is now, why he and Corvo moved and where Toby actually comes into the picture and stuff. 

Peace Out)