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Niccolo Croatoan: Home, part 2

The moment Alastair dragged me back into my body, I felt all of my senses had accentuated themselves to the point where I could hardly bear it. I was simply too exhausted to rein them in. The daylight was blinding, and each smell was amplified until I felt surrounded by rancid odor. Everything I felt, down to the familiar sensation of my coat rubbing against me as I moved, became overwhelming. I could feel each of my internal organs individually, and had I not known better I would have guessed they were on fire. The sounds in my head... I would like to say I had learned to filter them out or even become accustomed to them, but I had done neither, and each name was in even more agony than normal. 

I quickly found myself a captive once more of the most powerful name I had stolen. Somehow- mostly through sheer willpower, I would imagine- I found the energy to twist the strands of time once more, and I appeared suddenly in Blogland. My legs gave out almost instantly and I stumbled forward, leaning heavily on a conveniently located chair for support. I could actually feel my body tearing itself apart, and I realized why that sadistic part of me would want me back just as I took control of myself again. Aretha was here- mere feet away from me, in fact- and it would kill her to see me finally come back only to die.

"I-" A violent fit of coughing interrupted my apology, but I had not the energy to speak in anyone's mind and it had to be said, so I tried again. "My apologies... For this..." I was immediately shaken by more coughing, rife with blood, and I lost my grip on the chair, collapsing on the ground. 

"Oh, God, I... I was not expecting this at all... That- that's not Alastair..." Aretha's voice. I decided I was more fortunate than I had ever anticipated if her voice was the last thing I heard. But she was in pain. I tried to speak again- to say something, anything, if only to assure her that I could- but no sooner had I opened my mouth than I found myself hacking up even more blood. I felt as though I might drown between the voices in my head and the unrelenting onslaught of external activity.

"Ok, this is insane," Aretha spoke again, and I wondered how it could be that her voice was like some sort of balm when every other sound drove me mad, "But Alastair must have gone back in time and done exactly what he claimed he would never do. Which is completely mad, because going back in time is hard, but... This is Niccolo. Oh, God." Even though I had my eyes tightly shut against the colors and light of the outside world, I could practically see her digging her fingernails into her arm. "He knew it wouldn't bother us to watch him dying, so..."

More sounds assaulted my senses- people talking urgently, running about, yelling to one another... Someone helped me off of the ground and leaned me against a tree, and I could feel its life force pulsing under my back, its typically gentle aura amplified until I felt as though it was thrashing wildly. And then they gave me RedRays, and I lost all hope of coherent thought. I can barely remember anything beyond screaming, blurred intrusions from the outside world, and sharp, enduring, absolute agony.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Javier Fyreheart: Being Insane

ISetting: I just know it was during Em and E I believe...

Javier stood watching Alexis play, something annoyed him. It was her mother, Zafira Kerias who annoyed him. She was so annoying and he couldn't believe he had actually fallen for her. Smiling to himself he began to plot her death. He would kill her and make it worth the hell he would get. 

Javier attacked the knife plunging into Zafira. He felt satisfaction in hurting her. Nobody really registered in his muddled head except Niccolo Croatoan speaking,
"If you try that again I will kill you." Niccolo told him. Javier simply did not care. He had a purpose and that purpose would be to kill Zafira. Niccolo was in his way and he did not like that. Javier waited a while longer. He crept into the shadows watching Niccolo heal Zafira. Adra was lecturing Zafira too. Typical. Then Javier smiled. Alexis was a way to get to Alexis. He had never felt more alive then today and he did not mind the prospect of possibly dying. 

Javier waited as Alexis and the Cleaver were alone. The Cleaver suddenly was blinded and Javier stabbed him multiple times. He soon took Alexis and began hurting her. Javier soon found himself pinned down. Zafira was angered. Javier took the oppurtunity to torment Zafira. She began screaming and he continued. The enjoyment of watching Zafira in pain was intoxicating. So very intoxicating. He let go of her and soon found out what it was like to be killed. Niccolo came out of nowhere and slit is throat. Javier fell to his knees holding his throat,
"Niccolo watch... Her....she...likes you keep Zafira safe." Javier stammered. He could feel the blood trickling down his throat. He couldn't. He failed his mission to kill. To kill Zafira. Niccolo's voice was quiet and fading to him,
"I never understood her." He had said and Javier formed a smirk before everything went black. Death as it was, was black. 

I tried to kill her, the Grand Mage of America and yet I failed. I never will have the opurtunity again. This is it. Blackness, darkness. I deserved to have Niccolo take my true name. But he would never. Maybe he'll watch Zafira maybe he won't. My life is over. I never can go back. Javier was still in the darkness. Sitting here dead was helping. His mind had become clearer.  He was a fool to have tried to kill his wife. If only he could have realized. He was a fool. 

Javier opened his eyes. He was seeing his wife. Zafira was laying on the ground very weak,
"Zaf! Zafira wake up!" He said panicing. She was pale and weak. He called to everyone and Adra and Niccolo came. Javier watched as everyone was helping her. He was safe and so was she. His wish to see Zafira was granted. 

Friday, July 26, 2013

Niccolo Croatoan: Home, part 1

Everything in italics is set during RedRays and the Almost-Death of Alastair Cruciatus, the rest is from a conversation I had with Adra in between plots much later on.

"So you've always been moving? Have you ever thought about getting a permanent place? I don't know, maybe something on the mundane British countryside?"

"I've never actually considered it. I make an effort not to return to the same place more than once- with the exception of Aretha's place. And I never actually stay there, it's just our meeting point."

"Hm... I can't really see you doing the whole domestic thing. At least, not right now." She shrugged. "I've bought a few houses over the years... One in America, a beautiful island in Greece, in Russia... And one in Ireland. Of course, work was always calling so I only stayed in a certain house for five years, tops, but it wasn't too shoddy."

"I can see the advantage of having places like that. If nothing else, it must me nice to have somewhere you know you'll be safe if you need it. I would even go so far as to say that having your own place contributes to the feeling of having a steady life. At the very least it's a constant. But I've never had any real need for constants. Not the way I live."

She got up to make herself some tea. "Just because it's where you live doesn't mean it's home. And just because it's home doesn't mean it's safe."

"That's true. I suppose some part of me is still stuck on memories from over 500 years ago. It's different for everyone, I'm sure. Aretha certainly views her place as home, but many people don't. What is your definition of home, then?"

She never answered, but the question made me think. It seemed obvious the moment I realized it. But to explain how I came to that realization, I'll tell you the tale of how I came back.

127 years in the past

There is a certain kind of peace that comes from being trapped in time; a kind of deep serenity you feel when you realize that, for you, one moment has become forever, and nothing in that moment will ever change or end, grow old or wither and die. Time, arguably one of the most persistent forces in the universe, has forever come to a halt. I have found, however, that such pleasant feelings begin to fade once you realize that while nothing will ever die in that moment, nothing will ever life either. 

Once I came to understand that, I felt much more like a prisoner than I ever had. At least in that form of entrapment, I was incapable of harming anyone, and free from the influence of my other names. Once I thought about it, I realized that was the first time I had been able to think without them. The lack of endless screaming and murmurs was certainly a welcome relief. All things considered, I would have willingly stayed in that moment, unchanging, for the rest of eternity. I had only one reason not to- Aretha. 

I had instructed her to kill my body before Alastair woke and began to wreak havoc on the world, which was inevitable, yet I knew full well that she would not do so. I had hidden a message in my letter to her that I was certain she would find, however I doubted she would be able to discover it and then follow through before Alastair awoke, which meant the only way for me to stop him from killing her and countless other innocents- not that I had ever been able to spare their lives anyway- was to somehow return. But such a feat is quite impossible for a consciousness trapped in time and unwilling to harm another human. Then again, impossible never stopped Aretha.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Alexis: Stuck Inside Alastair's Head

(Setting: it is whenever the moment of Alastair taking Alexis captive to the moment where Niccolo frees Alexis from being a tree for a few minutes cuz I thought it was funny

I was just with Mommy and now suddenly I'm stuck inside this prison! I keep seeing my family dead and I want our! I just want my Mommy...No but now she's dead and Daddy too and Miss Aretha and everyone else I love! Even my puppy Coco...and now I feel someone trying to kill me and they're suceeding!!! i want out of here I really really really do. JUST LET ME OUT!!!! PLEASE!!! But Alastair won't let me out- NOOO NOOO STOP KILLING MOMMY PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE...Suddenly I'm free Alastair let me go. But I'm a tree. Okay. Trees are booring. Stupid tree. Why of all things did Alastair make me a tree? Weirdo. At least I'm free....for now. Yeah for now. Wait okay who is here it looks like Alastair but...sounds like Niccolo! 
"Who are you?!" I ask but Alastair or Niccolo doesn't respond. Then suddenly I am home. I rush to Mommy shaking and she holds me close. I love her and now my memories of the past in Alastair's mind are gone! Only Niccolo would do that,
"Niccolo's back." I whisper to Mommy.
"Yes he is and he got you my baby." She murmurs and keeps me close.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Fabi: Six Feet Under Screams

Behind the basement door. Set during to after The Terrorist Group

"So," Dean began. "You've got friends. Don't worry, though. I'm capable of breaking both your legs without help." Behind him, something in the shadows moved, something eerily familiar.
Fabi gasped in shock as she remembered where she'd seen something similar. "There's a--"
Dean growled. "I'm not an idiot. There's no one there!"
He picked Fabi up as if she weighed nothing and threw her to the ground. She felt something crack, probably a rib, and hissed in the pain. The shadows moved again. 
"No! You can't--" Fabi's cry was cut off as Dean hit her across the face, worsening the already bad bruises from Glow's organ. Now her nose was bleeding, too. How dignified. 
Whatever, Fabi had never been a graceful fighter, always messing things up horribly. She blocked the next strike with her elbow, and tried to get back up again, but Dean forced her down again and it was as if it began raining punches. Fabi resisted as long as she could, but eventually lost her nerve and scooted backwards, into the shadows.
The first time she'd been possessed by a ghost/shadow/thing, it had taken her memories first. This wasn't like that at all, but the same chilling feeling was there, and the same shadows in her eyes.
Lilac Solo had been not unlike herself, a young woman who'd gotten too close to the truth and had been taken down here to die. Dean had killed her. Now she spoke again, through Fabi, but with her own voice. 
"Dean Tristan."
"Y-your dead!" The transformation was almost immediate. The tough burly man who loved nothing more than tormenting people was gone, replaced by a scared fool who'd just realized that his actions had consequences and was trying to run away from them. 
Lilac and Fabi had a shared goal in that moment, and they sealed the door as one, feeding off each others' energy. Shadows tore off the doorknob, and the metal door fused to the doorframe. They let him pummel at it so that it bent horribly, Dean screeching in a voice higher than they thought possible, but before he had even a hope of breaking through, Fabi-Lilac influenced the metal in the door and he stuck. There was a muffled gasp as the door covered his face, and then the screaming stopped.
Fabi felt the wounds on her head, torso and just about everywhere start to heal, but at the same time, she was losing control. She and Lilac had achieved some sort of unison, both angry, both wanting revenge, but when Fabi's anger faded, Lilac's did not, and the latter was stronger. 
The way Fabi understood it, the shadow things were leftover hatred and anger, belonging to the dead. Lilac had to have been a good person, right? So many of her memories were similar to Fabi's own, memories of being forgotten, left out, left behind. Like here. 
Fabi knew better, she thought. Adra and Saph had battles of their own, there was no reason for them to come after her. At the same time, though, another tiny part of Fabi was insisting they'd forgotten, and Lilac was feeding that thought with memories of her own. The poor woman hadn't had many good friends. Fabi would have been sorry for her, except that she was doing the wrong thing with her anger.
"Adra, Fabi, are you alright?" Saph called from outside. 
"No, I'm dead." Lilac used Fabi's voice, but Fabi hoped Saph hadn't heard. Lilac was starting to get angry now, and she was sending shadows spilling out of Fabi's eyes at an insane speed. The shadows on the doorknob twisted off, and it was all Fabi could do to keep her discipline out of Lilac's reach. 
Giving up on that method out, for now, Lilac shadow-walked Fabi upwards and out into the light.

Summary 18- Em and E (Get it? Cause Em and E and A and E? Anyone? No? Just Me?)

I know that normally Ari does these, but I don’t think she saw the most recent event so I thought; “Hey, why don’t I do it? I’m sure no one would mind!” And if you do mind, that’s your problem, not mine.

So, Adra contacts Drew and convinces him to come back with her to blogland, promising she’ll get someone to watch Ellie and the kids. (See Dublin Daes) Adra takes a stolen motorbike back while Drew runs in werewolf form, tiring him out. When they return Trip and Drew meet for the first time, and then he and Adra take him to the hospital to see Em. Adra and Drew enter first, while Trip enters a few moments after, silently. He stands in the corner, soon realising his presence in the room is unknown to Em. Em is uncomfortable with Drew being there, and he soon accidentally makes her angry. She forces them to leave, but Trip stays hiding in the corner. He covers himself in energy (It’s dark purple) making himself almost invisible in the corner. It’s too late before Drew and Adra realise that they’ve left him in there, as he uses energy to jam the door and soundproof it. He also gives them a message of energy telling them not to come in. At first they try, but when it becomes futile, they stop.

Inside Em’s room, she starts talking to what appears to be herself. Then when she bites down on a blanket to stop herself screaming in pain, it becomes evident that Deacon is communicating with her. After much begging, almost screaming and basically-torture the . session stops and Em starts to cry. Trip uncloaks and goes over, making her jump. Outside Adra tells Drew about Sparky (now Rigor). Just as Em tells Trip that she doesn’t know what Deacon wants, he just said something was buried under blogland  Adra uses alchemy to blow up the wall, and Trip uses energy to protect himself and Em from rubble, calling Adra and Drew morons. They start to argue, and Em asks them to leave. Trip apologizes and leaves, Adra and Drew follow suit.

Adra and Trip start having a raging argument in the corridor, which Drew interrupts because he received a text. Soon Trip boils over and resumes the argument, fiercer than before. Meanwhile inside Em’s room, Deacon appears and makes Em cry, but no one is there to notice, all caught up in their own squabbles. Trip and Adra reach an impasse, and Adra storms back towards Em’s room, while Trip storms to the Hospital bar, because that makes sense.

Back by Em’s door, Drew tells Adra that he’s found out that Sparky/Rigor is Deacon’s daughter. Before they tell Trip, Adra decides to check on Em one last time, she is in a chair by the window, crying. When Adra asked what was wrong, she lied and said she didn’t like being sick. Adra knows it isn’t true, and presses further. Em explains to Adra about the thing buried under blogland that Deacon wants. Adra applies some soothing balm to Em’s skin to help with the itching.

Meanwhile back at the lobby, which has a bar in it because, come on, this is blogland, all we do is drink, Trip asks for a beer from the barman. When the barman asks what kind of beer, Trip says that he doesn’t care and he just wants a beer. The barman gives him the beer and he pays up. The barman guesses he had a rough day, and asks if a relative of his died. He says; “No no no no. I guess you could call it girl trouble. And I was just about to find out some very interesting information when... the wall exploded.” (Sorry, I didn’t really know how to write that in summary writing form thing. I’m going to stop talking now.) After a lengthy discussion about getting information out of people and how un-profitable bars in hospitals are, Drew comes and gets Trip. They go back up to Em’s room.

Just as they enter, Em asks Adra to kill her. Only Trip will agree in any way. He promises that if he is the last of all of them and about to die, his last act would be to kill Em. No one else will agree to it, but he does so anyway. Trip tries to slink off back to the bar, but Drew stops him. They agree that Em is safest in the sanctuary, so put her on a gurney and took her outside. As they travel down the corridor Drew tells Trip about Rigor being Deacon’s daughter. Then a van takes Em to the sanctuary. They formulate a plan on how to free Em from Deacon, and it means they have to take Rigor hostage.

Okay, that’s some of it, but this is already pretty long, so I’ll cut it here. More, coming soon!

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Summary 17: Most Recent Goings-On (to be sorted into individual plots later)

Short version: After Deacon Returns, the group skips ahead 4 weeks till Em is recovering in a medical area, but still has shadow-infected wounds, so Aretha, Adra, Trip, and Drew work together to try to figure out how to either kill Deacon or force him to release Em.

Later in the night Fabi appeared, and revealed that she had been partially taken over by a girl named Lilac who wants to use Fabi to get revenge on the terrorist group (see The Terrorist Group). She sent a package into Blogland containing the head of one of the terrorists.

Meanwhile, Niccolo changed Adra's siblings back from flowers into humans, and they told Adra she was having problems with alchemy because she opened too many portals without closing them. Adra, Aretha, and Niccolo are now attempting to find and close all the portals that Adra opened.

Long version: This section will wait until each plot is finished and has its own post.

Alastair Cruciatus: Names

Set during Ruining the Moment. Don't get excited, this is barely a taste of what goes on inside my head, and it doesn't show much else.

they're happy they feel like they've just won something perfect time to strike screaming leave those children alone screaming let me out let me out let me out screaming would you just shut up and kill them all nobody cares about your sick desire for pain screaming kill screaming Aretha good Lord my dear what have I done to you now screaming where am I screaming shh don't let them hear you screaming the girl she's back grab her screaming hey stop what I can't move my screaming shut up screaming stop it screaming pull her in screaming oh, that scream screaming exquisite screaming crazy twisted freak screaming just kill her put her lights out now screaming Alastair if this is you I swear screaming shut up and back off all of you screaming let me out let me out let me out screaming kill her screaming feed her fear screaming screw you screaming I'll bite her let me have a go screaming darling you had best run while you can screaming no I will get out of this box you can't keep me in here you can't scare me anymore screaming try me screaming you have such beautiful eyes when you're scared screaming rip them out screaming I just want my momma screaming shut up you little screaming you know you're only mad screaming everybody dies screaming you can't screaming no stop screaming me next screaming get in line screaming take her too screaming what's your fear screaming I'll just break you screaming here they come screaming kill them all screaming my God you have no heart screaming then  neither do you screaming just let me out screaming let me die screaming quit whining screaming stop screaming but I'll do anything screaming not enough screaming what did they do to you screaming look at them scramble around screaming let me out let me out let me out let me out screaming die screaming this is nothing compared to what I deal with every day

Who am I kidding to try and write a piece like this? The screaming never stops, the voices all talk at once, and they're all louder. There are more of them. But you wanted me to try, so here you go. My thoughts in the span of one second.

Summary 16: Deacon Returns

Short version: Deacon returned and further injured Em. Trip, Adra, and Mara rushed her to the hospital, where Deacon possessed her and threatened the hospital. Eventually he left her to die, then Mara teleported to a hospital so she could recover, and Trip was left to recover from exhaustion and an attack on his nervous system.

Long version: Em went to an underground cave, then Deacon appeared and attacked her, slashing her with shadows and slicing from her stomach to her shoulder with a knife. He slid a boulder in front of the cave entrance, but Trip moved it away with energy. Then Trip, Adra, and Mara ran in to see to Em, and Mara teleported the group to a hospital.

Em was immediately seen to by a host of doctors, and Adra stayed with her. Trip brought Mara to lie down because she had been feeling sick. Deacon quickly took control of Em's body, shutting off all the lights in the room, and began to fight with Adra. Meanwhile, Mara began to mumble and even scream in her sleep, so Trip handed her to a doctor and ran to help Adra.

Deacon then shut off the lights in the entire hospital, and Trip used energy to illuminate the building again, though at a great cost to himself. Adra pulled the fire alarm so all the doctors and patients would leave. Then Deacon went outside to terrorize the evacuated people, and Adra and Death tried to keep him back. Deacon attacked Trip's nervous system and then left Em's body, leaving her to fall and die, just as Mara woke to find she had been carried outside by a doctor. Adra used RedRays to keep Em from dying, and Mara teleported her to a medical facility so she could recover. Trip asked the doctors to tend to his injuries.

The Current Moment (Constantly updated!)

This post will tell what everyone is doing right now. I've decided to just include the people who are currently roleplaying, so it doesn't get too confusing, but if at any time you'd like to see people on this list who aren't currently roleplaying, let me know and I'll change the system to include everyone's name. Thanks!

Everyone currently on: Being random


Current impending problems: Forcing Deacon, either by convincing or killing him, to free Em from his shadows.
Freeing Fabi from partial control by a girl named Lilac who wants to use her for revenge on the terrorist group.

Long term problem (on hold, if you will): Some disturbances in the Earth are present, and Trip believes he has been warned by a dream that Adra will be attaced by something unknown soon.

Aretha Tesla: How to Post a Chapter

Set just after The Purpose of this Blog

Just so we have some structure for this, because it easily becomes confusing, here's the formatting for a chapter. Leave the name of the author (in other words, you) before the title separated by a colon, like I did in the title of this post. Then put the title of your chapter-thing, and on the first line in italics, put the setting of your chapter according to the summary posts. And have fun writing! I'm going to try and keep the summaries updated every few hours, and I'll start going back in for the long versions now. Cheers!

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Summary 15: The Cons of Emotional Alchemy

Short version: Trip misused his emotional alchemy (a skill tree of channeling), and his soul began to tear itself apart. He was left with a separate name and personality for each emotion that he had. Logic Trip took over his body, and he and Adra went someplace secret and did something beneath the volcano that healed Trip's soul, although he will still need to perform basic exercises before he returns to normal.

Long version: Nope. Done. I am caught up and I really don't feel like writing all of these out... Oh, well. They're all coming soon. And now I can update regularly! Yes!

Summary 14: The Terrorist Group

Short version: A group of terrorist mages burned down a skyscraper. Fabi and Adra went to try to rescue people still inside. Aretha had been sent to kill the terrorists, but only killed one before they ran away. Later Fabi, Adra, and Sapphire found the house the terrorists were hiding out in and went there. Fabi was dragged to the basement, had a fight and the door is sealed. Adra appeared back in Blogland with some injuries from being whipped with electricity. Saph was also whipped with electricity.

Long version: Nope. Too tired. Later.

Summary 13: Emerald vs Deacon's Shadows

Short version: Adra made some plans in preparation for Alastair taking over Niccolo again, but Aretha shut them down and made a mental link with him to fix the problem. Later, Emerald appeared at Trip's bar with horrible injuries. When Trip, Mycroft/Ember, and Niccolo tried to heal her, shadows came from her wounds and repeatedly attacked her. Trip realized he couldn't stop it and closed the bar, leaving Em inside. The next day the group discovered Em was still alive, albeit injured, and Trip had an emotional outburst which led him to attack Mycroft/Ember.

Long version: to be added when I have time

Summary 12: Charlie

Short version: Hunter, Adra, Aretha, and Fabi went to an old haunted penitentiary because they were bored. Once there, they locked a doppelganger in the afterlife. Fabi's memories were stolen by a ghost named Charlie, who then possessed her, wanting a second chance at life. Aretha convinced Charlie to possess her instead by insulting Fabi, and then the whole group of roleplayers worshipped a blade of grass so that Charlie would possess it instead of Aretha, and a majority of Fabi's memories were recovered.

Long version: No time. Oops.

Summary 11: Some Brief Miscellaneous Shenanigans

Short version: Alastair regained control of Niccolo briefly. Death began to experiment on herself with sigils, and the others repeatedly begged and eventually forced her to stop because she was hurting herself. Niccolo and Zafira sparred together for a short while. Javier attacked Adra, then Niccolo (which triggered Alastair taking control again for a brief period of time), and then Zafira before they detained him and brought him to the Sanctuary.

Long version: I'm too tired for this.

Summary 10: Green Blood

Short version: Zafira's injuries from shadows rebounding on herself (see The Conclusion of the Whole Alastair Thing) begin to turn green. Magic spreads the process making her blood green, and Niccolo has to tamper with her true name to stop her magic from continuing to poison her. Deacon appears with a girl named Sparks at his side, asking to be healed, because he has also somehow contracted green blood, but by the time he arrives Niccolo has gone and no one is there to heal him. After some threats and arguments, Deacon and Sparks leave.

Long version: To be continued and whatnot.

Summary 9: RedRays and the Almost-Death of Alastair Cruciatus

Short version: Alastair was dying, and for various reasons no one wanted him to die. Hunter supplied Trip with a powder called RedRays that freeze the body in its current state, but happens to be painful beyond description. At the last moment Alastair retrieved Niccolo from his entrapment in time so that it would be more painful to watch him die. Adra gave Niccolo RedRays so he would survive until Hunter could heal him, after which time he was fine except for some basic illness for a few days.

Long version: Coming soon and all that...

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Summary 8: The Conclusion of the Alastair Thing

Short version: Zafira was thrown into a canyon, so Alastair severed his link with her, and then she was resurrected. Alastair killed Kailey, and eventually got bored of Aretha and released her. Then he stole the consciousness of Alexis, Zafira's daughter. Trip, Adra, and several others attempted to trap Alastair in a bound room, but in the end the plan backfired so that the effects of all the magic in the room reversed themselves. He accidentally hit himself with energy and began dying.

Long version: I may or may not break this up into more parts later, but as always, roleplay rages on, and I really do need to get these out there quickly if I want this blog to serve its intended purpose. So, here. Moving on.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Summary 7: Battle in the Church

Short version: A battle takes place in the basement of the church where Alastair was found. Death, Dwyer, and Alastair fight together against Zafira (still in Alastair's mind), Adra, Mara, Javier, and Fabi/Arden. In the end, the church is destroyed, and Adra and co. leave through a portal with Zafira's body, though Alastair has not reversed the mental and physical links he had established with Aretha, Zafira, and Kailey.

Long version: Wait for it...

Summary 6: Confronting Alastair

Short version: Arden and Adra find Alastair, and discover he has now taken three hostages- Aretha, Zafira, and a young girl named Kailey. Later Snow and Death appear to help try to free the hostages. They quickly realize there is nothing they can do, because Alastair has connected himself with his hostages mentally and physically. Later on Alastair convinces Death to side with him.

Long version: No time and all that, you're all probably sick of hearing it. Sorry.

Summary 5: Ruining the Moment

Short version: Alastair appears and suddenly attacks Adra, Trip, Aretha, Arden, Sapphire, and Zafira, interrupting their celebration. They frantically begin to strike back as several other Alastairs appear. In the end they kill every Alastair and the real one reveals himself just long enough to announce that he has taken Aretha.

Long version: I need to get these published so you'll have to live without this part for a bit, sorry...

Summary 4: Trip's Ressurection

Short version: The group brings Trip back to life, then begin to celebrate. During the celebration many begin to ship Adra and Trip (this has two ship names- Adrip, which was the original, and Tadra, which is preferred by both Adra and Trip). Shortly after, Alastair appeared, and began to attack.

Long version: Coming soon to a blog post near you

Summary 3: The Amp

Short version: Adra, Aretha, Zafira, Maralie, Sapphire, and the seven hobbit armies struggled to heal the many wounds they had obtained in the afterlife battle and find the amp Trip told them would help. They found it in his attic and released an echo version of Trip who promised to give them instructions on how to bring his body back.

Long version: Immediately after returning from the afterlife, Mara refused to have her broken leg examined and healed because she wanted to find Harry. Adra then refused to have her broken rib examined and healed because of her desperation to find the amp as quickly as possible.

Note- I've decided that if I want this blog to be something people can look at for a quick update, I need to post faster. The only way I can do that is by posting the short versions quickly, and then going back in and adding the long ones as soon as I can. They should still be up pretty quickly, but roleplay happens fast, so I'll be continuing this later as part of my effort to keep up.

Summary 2: The Afterlife Battle

Short version: Several Bloglandians journeyed into the afterlife to retrieve Trip's soul and Adra, and found themselves locked in mortal combat. In the end, everyone returned to this world alive, except for Trip, who left the group with instructions on how to bring him back to life.

Long version: Trip and Adra are stuck in the afterlife. Adra decides they need to go west, but the two quickly realize there are no poles in the afterlife. Adra sits down to meditate during which time Trip disappears. Rhydian, Meagan, and Aretha come through a portal into the afterlife, and immediately find Adra being attacked by a large tentacle. Adra escapes by burning it, then Aretha kills it with blood manipulation. Meanwhile, Rhydian fights an undead humanoid creature. Rhydian is stabbed by the creature, Aretha uses blood manipulation to stop his bleeding while Adra kills the creature with swords.

The group is joined by Maralie and Harry, who advises against Mara going to the afterlife to help. Adra gives everyone a communicator and the group splits up to look for Trip. Rhydian is attacked by an undead creature, but takes care of it on his own, at which point Dalek enters the group. Rhydian had to leave, and then Trip appeared, surrounded by a hoard of the enemies he had killed. One of them created a shied of blue energy around him, trapping him. The group found him and struggled to fight off more large monsters with tentacles and undead creatures until they could break the blue energy.

Aretha and Adra both broke ribs, but while Aretha was able to heal her own internal bleeding, Adra was not and refused to be healed. Mara broke a leg, and Dalek was more or less fine. Trip told us he couldn't leave the afterlive as he was only a soul, but that if the group played the amp at his bar they could bring him back. He then used the last of his energy to create a protective wall around them while Adra made a portal, and everyone (except Trip's soul) left the afterlife.

Summary 1: The Possession/Exorcism of Arra

Short version: Arra became possessed by a Remnant, and there was a battle to set her free. The aftermath of this battle saw Trip dead and as a spirit in the afterlife, and Adra stuck in the afterlife alive, looking for him.

Long version: Sorry, I'm going to need help on this one. I have some understanding of what happened, but I'm afraid if I try to write this in detail I'll mess it up, so I'm not going to try... Help?

The Purpose of this Blog

The roleplaying in Blogland has caught like wildfire, and it's been going strong for several days now. Doesn't look like it's going to let up anytime soon, either. And it's awesome, but every now and then everybody gets really confused. It's really easy to get lost if you're gone for so much as an hour, and then it can be hard to jump back in again. So I'm making a blog to try and straighten things out. A nameless attempt (because the stupid blog wouldn't name itself) to establish some order. I'll be making a post for every plot we've gone through in this roleplaying since the beginning, and I'll update every few hours.

In addition to an archive of the events that have taken place in our roleplays, I would like to invite people to write things in a chapter format- only if they want to, of course- either as fillers or to tell the story from your perspective. For example, maybe your character went off into the forest for a bit and had some great emotional revelation, but all you wrote in the roleplay was *walks into forest* and then *walks out of forest* because you can't really take up comments for an emotional debate with yourself that no one else can even hear. You could write about it here. Say there was a battle really important to your character for whatever reason- you could write all of it from their perspective. I'm going to try to make my summaries as unbiased as possible- just raw, dry events- so that anyone can contribute if they want to, and they won't be misrepresented if they don't want to. So, if you'd like me to add you as a contributor to the blog, leave me a comment with your email below!

Now, if you don't mind, I have a ton of summaries to write... Also, I'm going to need help with the very first summary, because I wasn't there for some of it. If anyone can help me write the part where Arra gets possessed and then exorcised, that'd be awesome! Thanks!