Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Alastair Cruciatus: Names

Set during Ruining the Moment. Don't get excited, this is barely a taste of what goes on inside my head, and it doesn't show much else.

they're happy they feel like they've just won something perfect time to strike screaming leave those children alone screaming let me out let me out let me out screaming would you just shut up and kill them all nobody cares about your sick desire for pain screaming kill screaming Aretha good Lord my dear what have I done to you now screaming where am I screaming shh don't let them hear you screaming the girl she's back grab her screaming hey stop what I can't move my screaming shut up screaming stop it screaming pull her in screaming oh, that scream screaming exquisite screaming crazy twisted freak screaming just kill her put her lights out now screaming Alastair if this is you I swear screaming shut up and back off all of you screaming let me out let me out let me out screaming kill her screaming feed her fear screaming screw you screaming I'll bite her let me have a go screaming darling you had best run while you can screaming no I will get out of this box you can't keep me in here you can't scare me anymore screaming try me screaming you have such beautiful eyes when you're scared screaming rip them out screaming I just want my momma screaming shut up you little screaming you know you're only mad screaming everybody dies screaming you can't screaming no stop screaming me next screaming get in line screaming take her too screaming what's your fear screaming I'll just break you screaming here they come screaming kill them all screaming my God you have no heart screaming then  neither do you screaming just let me out screaming let me die screaming quit whining screaming stop screaming but I'll do anything screaming not enough screaming what did they do to you screaming look at them scramble around screaming let me out let me out let me out let me out screaming die screaming this is nothing compared to what I deal with every day

Who am I kidding to try and write a piece like this? The screaming never stops, the voices all talk at once, and they're all louder. There are more of them. But you wanted me to try, so here you go. My thoughts in the span of one second.


  1. Holy fucking God... *bows to Aretha* you legend... This is terrifying.

  2. Actually, at some point I'd love to see what was going through Alastair's the hospital... You know the bit when he and Adra were kinda having a touchy-feely moment?
    When it felt like she finally got through to him.
    I'd like to see that ;D

  3. OHMYGOSH I LOVE IT. :) *hugs Ari*

    FANTASTIC. :) :) :)

    It reminds me of the Noise in Chaos Walking . . . *nods*