Saturday, July 27, 2013

Javier Fyreheart: Being Insane

ISetting: I just know it was during Em and E I believe...

Javier stood watching Alexis play, something annoyed him. It was her mother, Zafira Kerias who annoyed him. She was so annoying and he couldn't believe he had actually fallen for her. Smiling to himself he began to plot her death. He would kill her and make it worth the hell he would get. 

Javier attacked the knife plunging into Zafira. He felt satisfaction in hurting her. Nobody really registered in his muddled head except Niccolo Croatoan speaking,
"If you try that again I will kill you." Niccolo told him. Javier simply did not care. He had a purpose and that purpose would be to kill Zafira. Niccolo was in his way and he did not like that. Javier waited a while longer. He crept into the shadows watching Niccolo heal Zafira. Adra was lecturing Zafira too. Typical. Then Javier smiled. Alexis was a way to get to Alexis. He had never felt more alive then today and he did not mind the prospect of possibly dying. 

Javier waited as Alexis and the Cleaver were alone. The Cleaver suddenly was blinded and Javier stabbed him multiple times. He soon took Alexis and began hurting her. Javier soon found himself pinned down. Zafira was angered. Javier took the oppurtunity to torment Zafira. She began screaming and he continued. The enjoyment of watching Zafira in pain was intoxicating. So very intoxicating. He let go of her and soon found out what it was like to be killed. Niccolo came out of nowhere and slit is throat. Javier fell to his knees holding his throat,
"Niccolo watch... Her....she...likes you keep Zafira safe." Javier stammered. He could feel the blood trickling down his throat. He couldn't. He failed his mission to kill. To kill Zafira. Niccolo's voice was quiet and fading to him,
"I never understood her." He had said and Javier formed a smirk before everything went black. Death as it was, was black. 

I tried to kill her, the Grand Mage of America and yet I failed. I never will have the opurtunity again. This is it. Blackness, darkness. I deserved to have Niccolo take my true name. But he would never. Maybe he'll watch Zafira maybe he won't. My life is over. I never can go back. Javier was still in the darkness. Sitting here dead was helping. His mind had become clearer.  He was a fool to have tried to kill his wife. If only he could have realized. He was a fool. 

Javier opened his eyes. He was seeing his wife. Zafira was laying on the ground very weak,
"Zaf! Zafira wake up!" He said panicing. She was pale and weak. He called to everyone and Adra and Niccolo came. Javier watched as everyone was helping her. He was safe and so was she. His wish to see Zafira was granted. 

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  1. Hm. Interesting chapter. It's cool to have some insight into what was actually going through his head.