Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Current Moment (Constantly updated!)

This post will tell what everyone is doing right now. I've decided to just include the people who are currently roleplaying, so it doesn't get too confusing, but if at any time you'd like to see people on this list who aren't currently roleplaying, let me know and I'll change the system to include everyone's name. Thanks!

Everyone currently on: Being random


Current impending problems: Forcing Deacon, either by convincing or killing him, to free Em from his shadows.
Freeing Fabi from partial control by a girl named Lilac who wants to use her for revenge on the terrorist group.

Long term problem (on hold, if you will): Some disturbances in the Earth are present, and Trip believes he has been warned by a dream that Adra will be attaced by something unknown soon.

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