Friday, July 19, 2013

Summary 18- Em and E (Get it? Cause Em and E and A and E? Anyone? No? Just Me?)

I know that normally Ari does these, but I don’t think she saw the most recent event so I thought; “Hey, why don’t I do it? I’m sure no one would mind!” And if you do mind, that’s your problem, not mine.

So, Adra contacts Drew and convinces him to come back with her to blogland, promising she’ll get someone to watch Ellie and the kids. (See Dublin Daes) Adra takes a stolen motorbike back while Drew runs in werewolf form, tiring him out. When they return Trip and Drew meet for the first time, and then he and Adra take him to the hospital to see Em. Adra and Drew enter first, while Trip enters a few moments after, silently. He stands in the corner, soon realising his presence in the room is unknown to Em. Em is uncomfortable with Drew being there, and he soon accidentally makes her angry. She forces them to leave, but Trip stays hiding in the corner. He covers himself in energy (It’s dark purple) making himself almost invisible in the corner. It’s too late before Drew and Adra realise that they’ve left him in there, as he uses energy to jam the door and soundproof it. He also gives them a message of energy telling them not to come in. At first they try, but when it becomes futile, they stop.

Inside Em’s room, she starts talking to what appears to be herself. Then when she bites down on a blanket to stop herself screaming in pain, it becomes evident that Deacon is communicating with her. After much begging, almost screaming and basically-torture the . session stops and Em starts to cry. Trip uncloaks and goes over, making her jump. Outside Adra tells Drew about Sparky (now Rigor). Just as Em tells Trip that she doesn’t know what Deacon wants, he just said something was buried under blogland  Adra uses alchemy to blow up the wall, and Trip uses energy to protect himself and Em from rubble, calling Adra and Drew morons. They start to argue, and Em asks them to leave. Trip apologizes and leaves, Adra and Drew follow suit.

Adra and Trip start having a raging argument in the corridor, which Drew interrupts because he received a text. Soon Trip boils over and resumes the argument, fiercer than before. Meanwhile inside Em’s room, Deacon appears and makes Em cry, but no one is there to notice, all caught up in their own squabbles. Trip and Adra reach an impasse, and Adra storms back towards Em’s room, while Trip storms to the Hospital bar, because that makes sense.

Back by Em’s door, Drew tells Adra that he’s found out that Sparky/Rigor is Deacon’s daughter. Before they tell Trip, Adra decides to check on Em one last time, she is in a chair by the window, crying. When Adra asked what was wrong, she lied and said she didn’t like being sick. Adra knows it isn’t true, and presses further. Em explains to Adra about the thing buried under blogland that Deacon wants. Adra applies some soothing balm to Em’s skin to help with the itching.

Meanwhile back at the lobby, which has a bar in it because, come on, this is blogland, all we do is drink, Trip asks for a beer from the barman. When the barman asks what kind of beer, Trip says that he doesn’t care and he just wants a beer. The barman gives him the beer and he pays up. The barman guesses he had a rough day, and asks if a relative of his died. He says; “No no no no. I guess you could call it girl trouble. And I was just about to find out some very interesting information when... the wall exploded.” (Sorry, I didn’t really know how to write that in summary writing form thing. I’m going to stop talking now.) After a lengthy discussion about getting information out of people and how un-profitable bars in hospitals are, Drew comes and gets Trip. They go back up to Em’s room.

Just as they enter, Em asks Adra to kill her. Only Trip will agree in any way. He promises that if he is the last of all of them and about to die, his last act would be to kill Em. No one else will agree to it, but he does so anyway. Trip tries to slink off back to the bar, but Drew stops him. They agree that Em is safest in the sanctuary, so put her on a gurney and took her outside. As they travel down the corridor Drew tells Trip about Rigor being Deacon’s daughter. Then a van takes Em to the sanctuary. They formulate a plan on how to free Em from Deacon, and it means they have to take Rigor hostage.

Okay, that’s some of it, but this is already pretty long, so I’ll cut it here. More, coming soon!

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