Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Alexis: Stuck Inside Alastair's Head

(Setting: it is whenever the moment of Alastair taking Alexis captive to the moment where Niccolo frees Alexis from being a tree for a few minutes cuz I thought it was funny

I was just with Mommy and now suddenly I'm stuck inside this prison! I keep seeing my family dead and I want our! I just want my Mommy...No but now she's dead and Daddy too and Miss Aretha and everyone else I love! Even my puppy Coco...and now I feel someone trying to kill me and they're suceeding!!! i want out of here I really really really do. JUST LET ME OUT!!!! PLEASE!!! But Alastair won't let me out- NOOO NOOO STOP KILLING MOMMY PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE...Suddenly I'm free Alastair let me go. But I'm a tree. Okay. Trees are booring. Stupid tree. Why of all things did Alastair make me a tree? Weirdo. At least I'm free....for now. Yeah for now. Wait okay who is here it looks like Alastair but...sounds like Niccolo! 
"Who are you?!" I ask but Alastair or Niccolo doesn't respond. Then suddenly I am home. I rush to Mommy shaking and she holds me close. I love her and now my memories of the past in Alastair's mind are gone! Only Niccolo would do that,
"Niccolo's back." I whisper to Mommy.
"Yes he is and he got you my baby." She murmurs and keeps me close.


  1. Only thing I have to say is that her consciousness never became part of the tree, so she wouldn't exactly remember that- but anyways, this was a brief but good piece. Nice job!

    1. I wasnt sure and it I dummo slipped in lol ah well I thought Alexis's persoective would be interesting