Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Summary 17: Most Recent Goings-On (to be sorted into individual plots later)

Short version: After Deacon Returns, the group skips ahead 4 weeks till Em is recovering in a medical area, but still has shadow-infected wounds, so Aretha, Adra, Trip, and Drew work together to try to figure out how to either kill Deacon or force him to release Em.

Later in the night Fabi appeared, and revealed that she had been partially taken over by a girl named Lilac who wants to use Fabi to get revenge on the terrorist group (see The Terrorist Group). She sent a package into Blogland containing the head of one of the terrorists.

Meanwhile, Niccolo changed Adra's siblings back from flowers into humans, and they told Adra she was having problems with alchemy because she opened too many portals without closing them. Adra, Aretha, and Niccolo are now attempting to find and close all the portals that Adra opened.

Long version: This section will wait until each plot is finished and has its own post.

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