Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Summary 16: Deacon Returns

Short version: Deacon returned and further injured Em. Trip, Adra, and Mara rushed her to the hospital, where Deacon possessed her and threatened the hospital. Eventually he left her to die, then Mara teleported to a hospital so she could recover, and Trip was left to recover from exhaustion and an attack on his nervous system.

Long version: Em went to an underground cave, then Deacon appeared and attacked her, slashing her with shadows and slicing from her stomach to her shoulder with a knife. He slid a boulder in front of the cave entrance, but Trip moved it away with energy. Then Trip, Adra, and Mara ran in to see to Em, and Mara teleported the group to a hospital.

Em was immediately seen to by a host of doctors, and Adra stayed with her. Trip brought Mara to lie down because she had been feeling sick. Deacon quickly took control of Em's body, shutting off all the lights in the room, and began to fight with Adra. Meanwhile, Mara began to mumble and even scream in her sleep, so Trip handed her to a doctor and ran to help Adra.

Deacon then shut off the lights in the entire hospital, and Trip used energy to illuminate the building again, though at a great cost to himself. Adra pulled the fire alarm so all the doctors and patients would leave. Then Deacon went outside to terrorize the evacuated people, and Adra and Death tried to keep him back. Deacon attacked Trip's nervous system and then left Em's body, leaving her to fall and die, just as Mara woke to find she had been carried outside by a doctor. Adra used RedRays to keep Em from dying, and Mara teleported her to a medical facility so she could recover. Trip asked the doctors to tend to his injuries.


  1. Please write a 'Deacon Returns' story! PLEASE... that would be epicsauce!!!!

  2. I might, first I have to finish the possession of Arra.