Friday, July 19, 2013

Fabi: Six Feet Under Screams

Behind the basement door. Set during to after The Terrorist Group

"So," Dean began. "You've got friends. Don't worry, though. I'm capable of breaking both your legs without help." Behind him, something in the shadows moved, something eerily familiar.
Fabi gasped in shock as she remembered where she'd seen something similar. "There's a--"
Dean growled. "I'm not an idiot. There's no one there!"
He picked Fabi up as if she weighed nothing and threw her to the ground. She felt something crack, probably a rib, and hissed in the pain. The shadows moved again. 
"No! You can't--" Fabi's cry was cut off as Dean hit her across the face, worsening the already bad bruises from Glow's organ. Now her nose was bleeding, too. How dignified. 
Whatever, Fabi had never been a graceful fighter, always messing things up horribly. She blocked the next strike with her elbow, and tried to get back up again, but Dean forced her down again and it was as if it began raining punches. Fabi resisted as long as she could, but eventually lost her nerve and scooted backwards, into the shadows.
The first time she'd been possessed by a ghost/shadow/thing, it had taken her memories first. This wasn't like that at all, but the same chilling feeling was there, and the same shadows in her eyes.
Lilac Solo had been not unlike herself, a young woman who'd gotten too close to the truth and had been taken down here to die. Dean had killed her. Now she spoke again, through Fabi, but with her own voice. 
"Dean Tristan."
"Y-your dead!" The transformation was almost immediate. The tough burly man who loved nothing more than tormenting people was gone, replaced by a scared fool who'd just realized that his actions had consequences and was trying to run away from them. 
Lilac and Fabi had a shared goal in that moment, and they sealed the door as one, feeding off each others' energy. Shadows tore off the doorknob, and the metal door fused to the doorframe. They let him pummel at it so that it bent horribly, Dean screeching in a voice higher than they thought possible, but before he had even a hope of breaking through, Fabi-Lilac influenced the metal in the door and he stuck. There was a muffled gasp as the door covered his face, and then the screaming stopped.
Fabi felt the wounds on her head, torso and just about everywhere start to heal, but at the same time, she was losing control. She and Lilac had achieved some sort of unison, both angry, both wanting revenge, but when Fabi's anger faded, Lilac's did not, and the latter was stronger. 
The way Fabi understood it, the shadow things were leftover hatred and anger, belonging to the dead. Lilac had to have been a good person, right? So many of her memories were similar to Fabi's own, memories of being forgotten, left out, left behind. Like here. 
Fabi knew better, she thought. Adra and Saph had battles of their own, there was no reason for them to come after her. At the same time, though, another tiny part of Fabi was insisting they'd forgotten, and Lilac was feeding that thought with memories of her own. The poor woman hadn't had many good friends. Fabi would have been sorry for her, except that she was doing the wrong thing with her anger.
"Adra, Fabi, are you alright?" Saph called from outside. 
"No, I'm dead." Lilac used Fabi's voice, but Fabi hoped Saph hadn't heard. Lilac was starting to get angry now, and she was sending shadows spilling out of Fabi's eyes at an insane speed. The shadows on the doorknob twisted off, and it was all Fabi could do to keep her discipline out of Lilac's reach. 
Giving up on that method out, for now, Lilac shadow-walked Fabi upwards and out into the light.