Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Kind Of Brief Summary Of Channelling

Channelling is a very hard to understand dIscipline, partly because those who use it hardly know how it works themselves. It was dead for thousands of years, until rediscovered by Trip Castalan. No channeller is simply a user of the discipline, but a researcher of it as well. There are generally agreed upon theories on how it works, but these are open to be disproved.

  The soul is linked to the body. It exists on a different dimensional plane to ours, and is essentially our presence in that realm. It is an undetectable organ, necessary for conscious thought, personality, and brain function. It exists in all animals, but not plants. It seems, that to be a channeller one must first break their links to their souls. After this, you can control the soul almost like a muscle. The issue is, learning to control this muscle is notoriously difficult to control. One may wish to fire a laser, and hold out their arm, but they will instead find a column of energy fly from their arm. It takes decades to gain a basic control over your soul.

  But There are many dangers to channelling. The energy that is created transferring the soul from the soul plane to the physical plane is so great, that if too much is transferred at one point it can cause damage to the soul, or potentially the body. Many a novice channeller has destroyed their hand, arm, or entire body through being too ambitious. A high power continuous energy beam as favoured by Trip Castalan will cause your arm to rupture, and then explode in about a millisecond. However, over time, your cells will build up a resistance to such high energy, and also become more resistant to damage as well.There are legends from the long past of a channeller who would charge into battle naked, as nothing could pierce her skin. But, channelling is not limited to our plane, but can also take place on the soul plane as well. It can take damage, but never be destroyed. But, as well as other small potential issues, there is one major danger of channelling; as the soul is no longer locked into the body, you can completely release the entire thing from your body. As it is vital to live, to get rid of it all means instant death.

  As you can do so much with channelling, it is split into skill trees. A skill tree is very similar to a skill tree in a video game. At a point in a channeller’s training they will have to pick a skill tree to keep developing their skill as a channeller. Once this skill tree is picked there is no way to simply drop it, it is a specialisation that is chosen for life. You can pick others afterwards, but they will never be as powerful as your first skill tree. There are too many to list and they are too varied to describe individually, but my message here is that, despite there being about 30 skill trees, these hardly scratch the surface of what the ancient channellers achieved.

  Channeller crystal is what all channellers have a weapon made out of. Each channeller’s weapon is different, ranging from swords to one guy experimenting with making a car out of the stuff. They have these for two reasons. The first, it conducts and traps soul energy very well, and when it does, it has an extraordinary ability to break things, and two, the weapon acts almost like an anchor for your soul in this realm, a safe harbour, if you will. It becomes a part of your soul, and that is why it is important that you forge it, and it must be your kind of weapon, because it will have to become a part of you.

  There is one final thing I wish to discuss, and that is the peculiar side effect of channelling of an enhanced tactical mind. The common consensus is that when you devote your soul, which is your very being, to war, your very being naturally becomes better and better at it. And a little obsessed with it.

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  1. Wow. That's really cool, actually. I never realised how similar channeling and alchemy are... I guess the main difference is that channeling (correct me if I'm wrong) is more personal energy, when Alchemy is the external energy..
    In any case, it's awesome! *claps*

  2. Awesomeness! :) You've really thought this out, and also it is complex and sometimes confusing, it makes sense. Which is how science is. So you must be doing something right because science is understanding the universe and your post was helping us to understand a part of the universe, namely the channeller part. :)

    I think it's very interesting, and I'll try to remember that. :) *nods* I mean, remember it, not remember that it was interesting. If I forget it's interesting, that's okay, because the next time I think of it (which I will, because I will have remembered it, because I need to remember it, as previously stated), I will go OoOoOoOoOoOoH THAT'S INTERESTING. O_O