Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Alexis: Silver Sucks.

Alexis stood watching Lorcan. He was out of it and the whole thing hurt to watch. The silver was hurting him and she was powerless against it. Drew tried everything. Everything. Yet Lorcan remained poisoned. Her eyes felt wet and she felt someone touch her arm.
"Alexis." Cane Zafira's voice, gentle. "How is he?" 
"No better." Alexis said hugging her mother. Zafira kissed Alexis' cheek.
"We'll find a way." She whispered letting go of Alexis. Zafira placed a necklace by him, her lucky one. Alexis almost cried again. Zafira left and Alexis was alone. The time watching Lorcan hurt. He was just in so much pain. She didn't know if he would even live. She hoped he would. She did. Finally she fell asleep too afraid of what would come. 

Again, no change. Lorcan was still throwing up blood and still spazzing out. Alexis held his hand as he slept, Rose and others watched. Alexis wondered why Niccolò hadn't come. She'd wanted to see if his disease magic would help. She shrugged it off, Niccolò was often busy anyway and Lorcan wouldn't be any of his problems. Alexis focused on Lorcan. She didn't know what to do so she got her homework, falling asleep hours later.

Judi had come and gone. Nobody would say what she dic but Lorcan was alright. Alexis was tempted to find Rose and thank her if she could. Tears of joy filled Alexis and she ran off to the treehouse to change. She'd be seeing Lorcan again soon.

((Right my Lorexis chapter I said I couldn't write deep emotions as I suck at that but here. Merry Christmas, Enjoy.-Zaffy)) 

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