Thursday, October 24, 2013

Oh look, Fabi has a criminal record

Fabienne S.--

Charges-- Murder of 27 individuals, 25 of whom were Sanctuary officials, two of whom were freelance mages who did most of their work for the Sanctuary and were generally on good terms with said organization.

Possible Motive-- The majority of the victims were known to dislike her. It's possible that she was attempting to eliminate people who were suspicious of her so she could get away with something else.

Evidence-- Many of the victims had hurriedly snapped photos of a young woman of similar description, but in nearly all of them, the lighting was off and the face in shadow. In one of the Montreal cases, however, the suspect was seen standing under the light of a nearby bank, her face angled well enough to be seen by the ATM's security camera. The lighting was still off, making her skin look gray-white and her usually midnight blue eyes empty and black. Despite this, the face was unmistakably Fabi's. Frank tried to speak with her first, but she ran away, so he assumed she was guilty. That and the photo pretty much gave it away.

Known Accomplices--

Snow Stormberg
Charges-- Withholding information on the suspect from the operative, and accomplice to murder.

Status: At large.

Fabienne S. (Parallel)
Charges-- Harboring a criminal, manufacture of false identification, trespassing, murder (the other dimension's problem, really), impersonation, accomplice to murder, lying to a Sanctuary official, assault on a Sanctuary official, et al.

Parallel Fabienne has several employees, but had unfortunately taken care to make sure that none of them can be tracked.

Status: In custody, awaiting trial

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