Friday, October 4, 2013

Javier Fyreheart: Afterlife

This just came to me out of the blue. I have no idea why but it its Javier and well I had this idea long ago of the afterlife. So this is what Javier experienced.

Javier opened his eyes. He was in a room inside a obsidian castle. A man encased in shadows was before him, the man was Death. The man who took you to the other side. Javier shivered. He didn't want to be dead he just wanted to be with Zafira. He wanted his wife back more than anything. He would die again to have her. 
"Javier Fyreheart." Came a voice so cold, filled with the screams of the tortured. "You have been brought before me. In life you were an assassin and killed only the unworthy of life. You died by the hands of Niccolò Croatoan. I judge you. As Death, ruler of the Land of the Dead, I send you to Elysium for the people you kept away from the living." Javier rose and walked to the door labeled: Elysium this way. Javier walked and found himself in this island neighborhood. He walked into his beautiful home. It was where he lived in Manhattan. Javier walked around the whole house. He felt the memories stir. He reached Olivia's room the tears forming in his eyes. He sat on the bed crying. The night came still he just cried. He had done stupid things in life, now he had no opportunity to make up for it. Slowly he stopped crying  and walked to the master bedroom. 
"Zafira." He whispered his voice cracking. His wife would never hear his voice. He collapsed into bed crying softly falling asleep, a single tear escaping. He would give anything to be with Zafira again. Anything. 

Javier watched the TV. He saw Zafira in Italy with Niccolò. He could watch his family still. He realized now she had gone to 1516 but he didn't know what to do. Finally he came to the conclusion: Zafira was never his.

Italy, 1516.
Zafira waited paitently for Niccolò to come back. She watched the Italians go about their business men always escorting women. A woman only could walk alone if she was going to church. W thought occured to her. Javier would have liked this. No. No. He is dead. She told herself. K is for Kiss, which she tried in the end, but even true love cannot bring back the dead. It haunted her. She shook her head. Javier was dead, the inevitable happened. 

Zafira's note: thanks to Annika for the line about K. It fit this story. Enjoy. 

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