Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Erskine Ravel: Meeting the Evil and Insane Father

Ravel looked at Zafira slightly in shock. He had always thought she looked like Dreylan Scarab but he had just shrugged it off, Scarab was American born as was Sanguine, he had doubted Zafira was remotely related to him. How wrong that assumption was. 
"Zaf, how do I dare ask, is Scarab your father. You aren't even American-born! You were born in Dublin...." Ravel didn't even know where to begin thoughts. Zafira looked a tad upset but she explained,
"My mother...he dated her. She left him when I was still in the womb. She had been in Dublin and stayed there and had me. She met my step-dad and had my sister and brother. I'm happy with who my step-dad is. But during the second war Scarab told me the truth. I'm not proud or anything but I'm happy that I know the truth. He's somewhat proud of what I did with my life, even if he's in an American prison." Her eyes showed sadness. Ravel took her hand gently. 
"We can visit him." He told her.
"Yeah...Arizona. I'm sure he'd love to meet a Dead Man." 
"Come on you're Grand Mage, you can do that. And plus I would love to see Scarab." With that Zafira took his hand and they journeyed for Arizona. 

The hot Arizona sun beat down on the two. They entered the underground prison and were greeted by the warden, a man named Jayd. Upon seeing the two in his gaol he looked amazed,
"Grand Mages Kerias and Ravel, to what do I owe the pleasure of a visit?" He asked. Zafira spoke,
"We wished to see one of your prisoners, Dreylan Scarab." Her eyes flashed a look and Ravel wondered if the warden knew why they had come. Jayd nodded,
"Yes, right this way." He led them into a room. "Wait here, please." He left the room and a few minutes later he came back with Dreylan Scarab, escorted by a Cleaver. Jayd bowed and left, the Cleaver stayed on guard but allowed Scarab to go over to the two.
"What do you want, Zafira?" He asked. He didn't look happy. Ravel didn't blame him. 
"Scarab." Ravel began, "Zafira and I wished to come, I believe it is protocol to speak to the father of the bride to be." He said. If Scarab wasn't in the prison Ravel had a feeling he'd be the next victim of Dreylan Scarab. Scarab's gaze fixed on Zafira, "So you're engaged? Last time I saw you I was being sent back here. I would congratulate you but I seem to have lost the caring for you." To Zafira's credit she hid her feelings well,
"I'm sorry you feel that way. I, was doing my job whereas you tried to kill eighty thousand mortals on television in Ireland, and did you really expect my idiot of a brother to be much use? Again, you feel what you want to me." Scarab didn't move. His eyes narrowed,
"Just because Sanguine isn't the sharpest tool-"
Zafira cut in, "Enough. Don't defend him, dad." She said. Scarab went silent. Ravel watched the two in silence. Scarab moved closer and hugged Zafira.
"You may be on the side of the angels...at least stay alive." He let go and turned to Ravel,
"And you...if I ever hear you mistreat her you will be the next man I kill, I promise I will end your life, even if it means I die." With that being said the Cleaver motioned for Scarab and escorted him to his cell. Ravel looked confused, 
"Is that his way of approval?"
"To be honest? No idea." 

The two had made it to Blogland by nightfall. Ravel was sitting on the couch with Zafira, Christopher happily in his swinging chair with Olivia playing with him. Alexis drawing by the fireplace. All was calm. But Ravel knew just because Scarab had approved and not killed him, didn't mean others will. Somewhere out beyond the treehouse was Mevolent. And with Mevolent came Niccolò's copy, a slave to him. Only part of their life was safe, a price worth paying to be with Zafira. 

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  1. "Is that his way of approval?"
    "To be honest? No idea."


    It was an interesting meeting. :) And I like the message/forebodingness at the end. :)