Saturday, December 28, 2013

Rhydian Blake: Coming Home To Blogland

((Hello! My First chapter :) this chapter is just Rhydian coming back to Blogland (coz he went temporarily insane) now he's recovered so...yeah. set before Christmas. It's a bit short. Sorry ))

Rhydian Saint was teaching. Well, actually it wasn't teaching. Close enough though. Near enough to teaching. His school had this thing, where a few of the students could go to the primary next door and just have fun with the kids. Rhydian and his friend were helping to little kids make play-dough. It was fun-ish. Got boring after awhile. It was nearly Christmas. All the kids were excited. Of course they were. 

Rhydian left them and went to the kitchen to check on the dinner. Smelt amazing. Then his friend walked up to him. 

"Had a phone call for you at the office" He said

"From who? What for" Rhydian replied.

"Dunno? Something about checking your phone?"

Rhydian turned his phone on and saw the message. 

Go to Blogland -Lewis

His reflection. Rhydian was going to have to go back to Blogland. Oh, how he missed that place. Excitement filled him. 

"I got to go. Cover for me?"

"Yeah sure!" 

Rhydian left the building and got onto his motorbike. He arrived at Blogland. 
He took his helmet off, and pulled a Santa hot on. And he took hid jacket off revealing a Christmas themed jumper.