Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Rhydian Blake: Insanity & Blake

(This is what it was like for Rhydian being trapped inside his own head and causing him to go temporarily insane. And this us also saying bye to Blake coz he ain't real. Enjoy!)
Darkness. That's all it was here... Darkness...
Dark here. Dark there. Dark everywhere. Rhydian wad lost within this darkness, wandering around looking for something. But nothing was here. Just the darkness. He then heard echoes and cries and voices. He was scared to follow them, but he had to. Following the cries for help and voices of evil, Rhydian found himself at his old school. He knew what this was. A bad memory. A nightmare. His own personal Hell.
These memories, they were tormenting. He couldn't stand living through this the first time. He couldn't bear it a second...he was going to break.
Rhydian turned and ran but failed. His legs stopped and he fell. In dreams you have no control over what happens. That made the situation worse. Being forced to watch himself get bullied. No. Rhydian couldn't bear it. His own personal Hell. He awoke in his room. Tithe had trapped Rhydian inside his own mind. His memories. Rhydian was traumatised.
(So that's how Rhydian kinda lost the plot...)
Blake was doing homework. Rhydian looked over at him and then Rhydian was being slammed against the wall and Blake was thrown through the door. Tithe.
"Hello Rhydian. Something you need to know" saud Tithe
"Leave! NOW!"
"How polite of you...Y'know your brother Blake? Yeah, he's not real" Those words were truthful and cold.
"No. No. He's my brother!" Rhydian shouted
"Yes he is...Just a fictional one"
Rhydian ran out to Blake.
"Now you know the truth, he shall fade. Blake was only sustained by your belief."
Blake looked at Rhydian "I'm not real? I'm.....not real..."
"Blake stay with me!" Rhydian begged
"Goodbye Rhydian" Blake faded away. Rhydian cried and ran out of the house and ran and ran and didn't stop...he tripped in the snow and then his whole body was cold. But he didn't care...Rhydian wanted Blake back.

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