Saturday, January 11, 2014

Jekyll/Hyde: Alive

Hyde actually wanted to write this but both of them decided to write in a collab of sorts. Enjoy. -Zaf

Jekyll stood watching the stars. It had been many years since that fateful wedding night. He could remember Emma's voice, "You are free now. You're with me now, where you'll always be." Her sweet soprano voice. Of course he'd remember, his reflection kindly died. Eventually he had told Emma of this, and explained magic. She remained with him until death. He faked his own death for his mortal friends. Hyde on the other hand had killed the only friend he had. Lucy Harris, the only crime was meeting Hyde. I heard that, Jekyll! It was no crime! Hyde's voice rang out in Jekyll's mind. He let it. 

The English Sanctuary was a buzz. Stron had been killed in Ireland. Jekyll listened in shock as the news sunk in. I could of done it more creative! Hyde again spoke. Jekyll went to the Medical Bay, looking in on patients and going back to his work. Grand Mage Kerias had been in contact with him. He had been researching true names. She told him she knew a man who understood the true name. 

Hyde laughed, walking down Fleet Street. He loved London. He loved to kill, and killed he did. He had a raging desire to find a lady, but he quelled it. He had that Adrasdos girl to torment. Maybe he'd use her as Lucy. She seemed the type, in his mind. Movement behind Hyde made him turn, knife drawn.
"What do you want?" He asked the man. Alexander Remit looked at him, eyeing the knife wearily. 
"Master Mevolent wishes for you to go to the dungeons, Hyde. He said that the child Olivia is yours. Niccolò Croatoan has vanished for god knows what. He asked me to take you." Alexander offered. Hyde surveyed the teleporter. To kill him would be easy. He decided the child would be more fun.
"As you wish." Hyde replied. Alexander took him to the Anchor and they appeared near the dungeons. He stalked down to the cell holding Olivia. The child lay in a ball, bloody and weak. Her once beautiful face was dirty and bloody. Her hair had her own blood in it. She was barely able to look up. 
"Meanie." She coughed, she even sounded weak.
"I the 'meanie'? I believe myself worse, child. I find myself, violent. If only you were older. I could do oh so much more. Though this shall do." Hyde sat beside the child, holding her close. He did this before to Lucy. This time he would keep her alive. 
"Sympathy, tenderness warm as the summer, offer me their embrace. Friendliness, gentleness, strangers to my life, they are there, in this face. Goodness and sweetness and kindness are found in this face!" He cut the child up, laughing at the end kicking her. He began to cut her arm open. He did this slowly and carefully until her bone showed. He cut various parts of her, each cut adding a new scream. So young and just so hopeful. It was music to his ears. Finally, all too soon, he ended. He got up and left. He got to the Anchor going over to Blogland. The pain overwhelmed him.

Jekyll woke up in Blogland. The dynamite forest, Zafira....Olivia... Jekyll shook his head. He could hear voices, one smooth as chocolate. Jekyll did not like Niccolò, he had attempted to kill him. Jekyll went to his tiny lab. Once inside, he sat down. "I hurt a child." He whispered. I hurt her and I would have done worse, were she not so young. "Enough Hyde! I said to you not to do-" You are me. You and I hurt her, you do not control me! You and I, we are alike. We are one. "No. Stop!!! I can't stand you, damn you Hyde!" Damn you Hyde set me free! Oh be quiet! Let me out I have the guts to handle this! "No-" Hyde took control. Jekyll was back to watching. Hyde grinned. 
"Animals trapped behind bars in the zoo, need run rampant and free! Predators live on the  prey the pursue, this time the predator's me!" He sang and his teleporter teleported him to London. He had a night ahead of him. Of being the predator. 

Well we hope you liked this, well you have no choice, dear reader. -Hyde

My apologizes for Hyde. You are allowed your own opinion of this piece. -Jekyll

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