Thursday, February 27, 2014

Rhydian Blake: The Day Lewis Said Hello

This time last year I wrote a message in this little box...And then I pressed 'Publish Your Comment' and then it was here, in this place forever. What I had said was stuck here and online for the rest of my life. I remember what I said. "HI! I'm new...What is this place?" 
And from that one small little moment, this place became part of my life. It became my life. I came here almost everyday, and never guessed I would've made it this far. And I'd just like to say, thank you!!! Your my first proper friends in a way...You gave me advice when I needed it, you gave me friendship that I needed...You all gave me a life. Thank you. "Hi! I'm new. What is this place?" - Lewis/Rhydian Sky

Today I'll say "Hi again! I'm not so new. This place is home to me :)"

Hmmm.....dunno what to write. I know "Hi! I'm new. What is this place?" Send. OK...Just wait for a response. Cool, people are talking to me. Miss Cain? Cool name. Why are these guys talking to each other like it's a chat room? It's Derek's blog. Only one way to find out...I'll have to talk to them. Awesome names, I shouldn't have used my Given Name lewis, I must seem so ordinary to them 
*talks for a bit* "Got to go now. I'll be back tomorrow!" Send. OK, time for sleep. 
*next day early* "Hi! You probably don't remember me but I came on yesterday. Guess I'm still classed as a newbie" Send. Star Inkbright? She seems very bubbly. Too bubbly. The bubbliest person I've had the pleasure of meeting so far in my short lived life. I should get to know her. Mischief Shadow? I met him yesterday. he's new as well, his first day was mine. At least I know I'm not alone. OK, another day of talking to these pretty epic people.

I've finally taken a name. Hope they like it...Rhydian.
I think I'll spend forever here :)
New school...So nervous. No matter what happens, I'll always be with my Bloglandian friends.
Adrasdos Dark? Or Adra then? Cool name...What's going on? Roleplaying? OK, I'll give it my best shot!
Gotta get my friend Corvo Lavender to meet these people...There way too awesome not to meet!!!

This is my one year Blogversary...And hopefully I'll make it through another few years...I know for definite that I'll know you guys for the rest of my life :)

Yours Sincerely,  Rhydian 


  1. Haaaaaaaaaaaappy Blogversaaaaaaaaarrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyryryryryyyyyyy