Thursday, February 27, 2014

Alexis: Brotherly Love (And sisterly!!!)

Alexis watched from her window as her older brother, Aro, walked to the lake. As always she felt that stab of sympathy. Aro was only around for a few months, but already he was proving loyal. Little Olivia jumped up next to Alexis.
"Lexi?" Olivia sounded serious, unusual for the little six year old. Alexis turned to look at her,
"Well." Olivia began, "Do you think that Aro feels scared here?" The question hit Alexis hard, what she knew was limited. Aro was a Sense-Warden and powerful. He easily blocked her from reading his emotions. 
"I think he feels safe, just unsure. Liv, he's from a totally different world. He needs time to adjust to life." Alexis used a gentle tone, Olivia would not understand the true horrors their older brother had experienced, not for a long while. Olivia nodded and ran off to the play room. Alexis went back to the window. She had to speak to Aro. She put her coat on and went to the lake. Aro walked slowly. He turned, having probably heard Alexis through her thoughts.
"Yes, Alexis?" He asked in his Dublin accent. Alexis still found it weird that Aro sounded Irish. 
"Hey. I wanted to hang out with you." She said casually. Aro shrugged.
"Ok. I am just walking." He continued to walk as Alexis followed. They walked in silence for a few minutes before Aro finally spoke.
"Alexis, do you know why Mom always has nightmares?" 
"Ah. Yes. Well..." Alexis trailed off unsure where to start. "Okay, she just had bad experiences with true names of Coco's." 
"Names? I do not understand. We are born with one name." Aro looked over at Alexis, confused.
"Look he's stolen names...Aro you ought to get used to weird. This isn't even why you spoke, what is troubling you?" Aro laughed,
"I underestimated your skills, sister. You have caught me. I do have another problem. Though not of my own. Something is troubling you." He left the topic to her. Alexis bit her lip, she knew what was bothering her, but how did he know? Only two people knew her secret, her true name. Aro did not speak, expecting her to.
"My true name. Simple. I know it."
"Ciarda. That is it, no?"
"It is." Alexis sounded scared. Thank god it was sealed.
"Who knows it as well? Niccolò, yes Szoren is his, Mother's is Justaria. Yours is Ciarda. You are all troubled" He noted. Alexis nodded,
"Yes. My name is trying to take control. I need help subduing her. I am scared to ask Niccolò." Alexis blushed. Aro gave her a smile. 
"Oh dear. Dear sister, I have seen the memories of you Niccolò has, the time he watched you. The fact he trained you in knives. He may not be a man who will marry, but he will surely help you. You have known him since a tiny age. Possibly he considers you a friend, I know he does not like to be close to anyone. Ask. He may help, he has experience." 
"Thank you. I guess I should just ask." Alexis laughed. Aro grinned,
"Between you and me, when I controlled Niccolò, I heard a name called Alastair, I told him off a few times. He is an insane man." They both laughed.
"Oh remind me to ask Niccolò to release Alastair, it's our test to see if you're worthy of living." Alexis said seriously. Aro stopped dead, a look of fear evident.
"Do not say that. That man is a being whom does not deserve life. Killer. Monster. I dare not seek him out. I beg of you not to release him." Alexis burst out laughing,
"God no. Niccolò would hit me if I asked. We wouldn't let little old Alice out." The two locked gazes and suddenly a snowball flew in.
"ATTACK!!!!" Olivia screeched, charging in. Aro picked the little one up and a snow fight began. The three of them together in harmony. 

Zafira watched them fight. Pride swelling as her kids fought, sibling rivalry. The best kind. Sisterly and brotherly love.  

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  1. Neat little piece about Zaf's family- incorporated in a lot of their history, too. This was nicely put together. :)