Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Current Moment 3 as of Aug 17

So this has not been done since the beginning of August so I just randomly decided to do this. If I forgot anyone I apologize.

Niccolo: Somewhere doing a project
Aretha: With Alexis
Trip: Pissed off at Zaf and is in a forest
Emerald: Somewhere
Drew: With Em
Adra: Lost in the forest looking for Trip
Death: Kind of waiting for Alex
Javier: with Zafira in the treehouse
Olivia: sleeping and crawling depends.
Alexis: with Aretha 
Zafira: In treehouse with Javier
Alex: I believe he has been on a rampage as Gauntlet
Sherlock: Still being looked for
Fabi: is a ghosty
Jubi: Is a Jubiosaurus 
Mara: A lot of Haralie happened. 


  1. *Reads list in confusion, occasionally trying not to laugh*
    I blame school for keeping me away from blogger... :'(