Friday, August 2, 2013

Zafira Kerias: Emotions

Set when Niccolo and Ari died well I think you'll get where it ends.

Zafira stood facing the whole thing. Niccolo lunging at Adra ripping her throat out. She couldn't bear it but she had no choice. Something had been done to him and he was not himself.
Someone has hurt my friend and this is not what I want. Someone is going to die tonight. She thought.

Fury shot through Zafira as she shot Saccharine.
"DIE DIE!!!" She screamed, the demon laughed and Niccolo and Aretha collapsed to the floor. Aretha was dead...Niccolo was not. She stood and used the sigils to bring Aretha back. She felt every part of her weaken, the sigils draining energy and finally it ended. Aretha was alive. No consious. Niether did Niccolo. Anger boiled inside Zafira.

They took my friends. The demons took them. They took Javier now Niccolo and Aretha. I should never have shot the demon I should have bound her magic before I shot it. Now I will never forgive myself. I killed them. I really did.

Time seemed to slow down. Adra and her argued but to Zafira it was all a big blur. She did not wish to live with the knowledge she basically was responsible of the death of her friends.

I ought to die, I should never have shot her. Niccolo Aretha....they are gone. Gone gone gone.

Tears formed she was crying. Zafira continued crying. She was upset and wantedmore then anything to see her friends again. Alive.

Niccolo appeared behind Adra and Nadir pulling them back,
"I should not this state.." He collapsed.
"NICCOLO!!!" Zafira screamed going to him. Aretha would wake soon.

The world has gone insane, there is nowhere I can turn there is no way to go on. Dead. They all will be, dead. Dead before anyone else. I know it. I should listen to Adra I shouldn't fight. Naamah should have kept me. Then the memory of Niccolo stabbing her saving her from Naamah hit.

I owe Niccolo. I owe it to him to save him and Aretha. I must go on. No matter how insane the road may lead I must go on to save him. I owe it to him.

"I will save you Croatoan." Zafira whispered. Sleep finally came in her treehouse.

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    That was really good- I think I like this story the best out of all of them... :D Love love love it!