Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Zafira Kerias: Nightmares, Pain, and Fear

Setting/Side note: This is set during the time Alastair had trapped Alexis, Aretha, and Zafira in his mind. But to clear things up Zafira was trying to not show her fear to you guys through Justaria but the part of her inside Alastair that was not with Justaria well this is the experience that even haunted me as I wrote it.

One second I was seeing Alastair, the next, I was trapped. Fear was inside me one hundred percent. Where am I? Who did this to me? Why? And then it hit me. Alastair. That bastard did this to me. I cried out fearfully. I was trapped in this small space something I hate, confined spaces. 
"Let me go Alastair!!!!!" I screamed. I could see what he was doing. I was like one of his names, not not Alastair's one of Niccolo's names. This was not Niccolo Croatoan at all but the names I knew where trapped with me, they were Niccolo's. Alastair must have realized by not taking my true name I was going to be able to escape. Justaria was within me and I released her. She would speak to everyone I knew. Alastair must have realized the plan because in the next second I was experiencing the things I feared. 

"You do not want to see my worst." Niccolo Croatoan said as he began to torture Zafira. Her hand felt as if it was frostbitten and her she cried out as the shadow impaled it. Niccolo brushed his fingers across her leg and it became stone. Zafira screamed terrified of being helpless and defenseless against Niccolo Croatoan. He knelt beside her and the knife he had began cutting her face and the warm wet sticky blood she felt against her face. It was agonizing and to make the matters worse Niccolo made her vision go out, she was blind now. Soon she felt the knife go into her and organs were re-arranged. After an hour or so she blacked out only to awaken to the next part of the never ending torture. 

Zafira found herself in Mevolent's dungeons. Javier beside her when none other than the man, Niccolo Croatoan, came to them. Zafira did not need this good god no. Niccolo's words haunted her as they did every waking moment of her life.
"I really wish you hadn't come here. If you make it out alive, and no, I won't kill you- not now, anyway, don't come back. Survive. Your job is to lead, inspire- not fight on the front lines. And make sure you look out for each other." 
Taking the knife he cut the three scratches across her right cheek Zafira screaming. She laughed mocking him but seeing as Zafira was not afraid of pain Niccolo did something worse. The knife drove into her skull, the pain sending her screaming. And darkness clouded her vision. Then light and pain, the calm and darkness. Over and over and over. 

Pain. Fear. Nightmares. The things Alastair set for me were the only thing keeping me  from focusing entirely on Justaria and freeing myself. Until that very moment when the idea came to me, from that once annoying voice inside my head, I can attack him. I can attack him. Mentally. I began attacking Alastair mentally letting Justaria do what she needed. I tried from the inside and tried. But the pain was torture. The nightmares would be back, if I ever got myself out of Alastair's head. 

This is the end. I know it and I'll be damned if I ever get myself out of the damn hell of Alastair. Ever. 

The word's of Edward Hyde stuck in my head,
"You will never get away from me." I sure as hell felt that way. The names Niccolo stole were going to be restless I bet, I wonder if they can hear me? Can they? They must be able to. It is like chaos and I guess Alastair hopes if I get to hear the chaos in his head, he'll stop me. But Justaria has freed herself from me for a bit. She will free me. And the screaming of the names trapped inside this head with me continued. On and on. And when he grew bored the pain came back. I had only one hope, that Niccolo Croatoan could be brought back. The man whom played a huge role in my never ending nightmares was the man whom I needed unless Justaria got me out. 


  1. Ouch. Must have been horrible.

    Despite the rather grim setting, I really enjoyed reading it. It was very well written and since I have JUST realised this blog exists I think I shall read the ones before it and continue following it.

    Nice work. :)

  2. *Claps* The characters and the links between them are written beautifully. I really like your writing style :)