Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Current Moment 4 ((Updated as often as it can be.))

Death: Saved Zaf from fire (in our universe)

Snow: Having awkward adventures with paraSnow (in our universe)

paraFabi: Texting paraAretha about making a new portal (in our universe)

Trip: Doubled over in pain and then "slowly teleported" away (in the parallel universe)

Emerald: Was last seen getting mad at parAretha (in our universe)

Adra/Zafira/Alexis/Aretha/Niccolò: Trying to fix the dying world (in parallel universe)

Current plot: There's a universe parallel to ours, where planet Earth is supposed to explode by the end of the week. The people tried to evacuate to our world and move us to theirs, so they could take our places, but chaos erupted so they broke all the portals. Now some of them are stuck here, and some of us are stuck there.

Really sorry if I missed anyone- it's late and I'm tired! Feel free to fix it or ask me to!

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