Sunday, September 29, 2013

Zafira Kerias: Suddenly

Set when Zaffy decided to try to kill Ari. 

Zafira now was actually laying on her back the cut Niccolò had made stung. She felt a searing pain in her back and next thing she knew she felt the command change to Niccolò. He wanted Aretha and so she got up and freed Aretha. She felt Niccolò's hand and the fog cleared. She shook her head. What just happened? She thought. Then Javier's voice broke in, kill Aretha I say and what do you do? Release her. Idiot. She growled but did nothing.

The warm air played on Zafira's face. Niccolò was talking to Javier. Zafira listened in. 

"Please for once....for Alexis for me keep Zafira's all I want keep her free from Justaria I owe it to her its my fault she knows her true name."

"Then it's your fault. I don't care. Just die. " Zafira was in shock how cold Niccolò was sounding. What was going on?

"then you' better then I..  look Niccolò....don't be like me have a heart least let my daughters say goodbye"  Zafira shadow-walked down and suddenly saw Javier on fire. The connection broken and Niccolò spoke out loud to her,

"Damn emotions... Try to douse the flames or bring him back, and I'll only kill him again. " Zafira watched him vanish and she felt tears form. She went to the flames letting them go out. She took the charted remains of Javier and when she returned them to his parents she returned to Blogland and sighed. What was she thinking? She watched Javier die. He died. What did she do now? She lost Javier and she knew deep down inside Niccolò never would never love her nor would she ever have a shot to be with John Smith. She walked along the grass. 

"I'm sorry, Javier." She whispered. "I'm sorry I left you to suffer. I'm sorry I was a fool to never have thought you loved me." She sank to her knees alone. She had never felt more alone in her life until now. He was always there, always. A memory stirred.

"Stay with me?" Javier asked.

"Always." Zafira replied. 

The memory hurt. She knew how wrong she was to have doubted Javier. Now? She had to live with her choice. Now she must carry on and hope, merely hope that somewhere in Niccolò Croatoan's heart he had the capability to like her back. Just maybe. Or even John being allowed out. The tiny voice in her head of Justaria, even this voice grieved. Justaria of all people or names grieved. Today was not a good day to be alive. 


  1. Zaf really really confuses me...

    On a brighter note, this was a really interesting chapter.

    1. Have her in your head Fabi. She confuses me too!

  2. Zaf is a very contrary character isn't she? Always wants different things.

    1. I don't think she really knows what she wants anymore. I honestly don't understand her much but I think she's realizing her mistakes in life, and Javier as well. Sometimes it takes something big as this others not so much.