Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Zafira Kerias: Emotional Trainwreck of Life

This is what Zafira has been feeling and what's gone between Zafira and Javier.

Zafira stood looking at the full glass windows in the living room of her treehouse. It overlooked Blogland. She felt little Olivia crawl over to her and she smiled seeing her youngest daughter. Olivia had no idea that her parents would most likely split but Olivia's innocence made her smile. Alexis knew but didn't press it. Olivia crawled around to her toy area. Javier came up looking at her almost with a hurt look in his eyes. They had barely spoken for a few days. Javier's gentle voice was laced with a type of pain foreign to her,
"Zaf, can we just talk?" He asked. She glared and continued working. Javier sat beside her,
"Zaffy I love you. I do. Please." Finally she spoke,
"What?!" She snapped. 
"Zafira why is it you wish for us to not be together?" 
Zafira's voice was laced with anger,
"You are insane. You've hurt Alexis and myself. I can't be with you."
"And what about Niccolò?! You trust him but not me?! He is a killer he spent years killing and torturing. He has Alastair in his head for god's sake! Zaf why do you like him?!" He yelled. Javier looked desperate. Zafira stood and turned away from him.
"Because Niccolò proved himself trustworthy to me. He never hurt me as himself. You have." She said quietly. Javier walked up wrapping his arms around Zafira's waist. 
"Zafira I love you. Please don't hurt me. We have two children you wanted a son I know. I want to be with you, Zafira. You're beautiful and caring. You're the best Grand Mage I ever heard of. You rule with justice. You rose above all odds. I love you." Javier turned her and kissed her and after a moment she kissed him back. Javier pulled away slowly. 
"I'll always be here for you. Always." He whispered. He went to the door and vanished. Zafira watched the space where he was moments before. She had to do this. I have to. No matter how much Niccolò insists I'm crazy to love him I have to try. There has to be some part of him that likes me back. Somewhere I haven't reached. I love him. I always will no matter how much he refuses me. Zafira walked to the window again singing to herself. Life was for the alive. I'll always be here for you. Always. Javier's words echoed in her mind. She could hear his thoughts as he could hear hers. He refused to break their link no matter what happened even if Niccolò and her did begin to date. 


  1. Well, this was interesting. I'll be watching to see how it turns out. I would warn Zaf, though, that if she's going to leave Javier, it should be because he's bad for her, not because Niccolò is better. Because socially and emotionally, when I consider people I would feel safe depending on, Niccolò is so so far from being on the list. I can't say I know how a relationship between the two of you would end, just as a general thing, as my dad would say, "Don't jump off the carousel expecting to catch the brass ring unless you've planned it out and you know what you're doing." Or something like that. Basically, just don't do anything rash until you know you can support that decision. That is all. But I still think Javier is horrible for you. That's just my two cents. :)

    1. Yeah see I couldn't word Zaf's anger that well because it was so...much. See Javier may love her but sh can't handle Javier I mean she wint deny him seeing his kids but she knows whats best I guess. I mean I hope things go good for her but hey Niccolò is different it may go horribly